Welcome! My name is Valerie and I'm a coach specialized in stress and Mindfulness.  My main activities are helping people to manage stress and anxiety and corporate training for stress prevention.

Can you recognize yourself in the following description? Despite the fatigue, you can't sleep? Anxiety and continue thoughts keep you away at night? You keep on going, even when you know you should stop? Do you feel restless all the time and can't relax anymore? Do you lack energy? Or you have no healthy relation with food anymore? Well, then you can find here the solution.

With all the knowledge that I have gained as well during my studies as by experience, I have developed my own unique approach, based on Mindfulness, with lasting results. And now I've translated this approach into an online program where I take you by the hand to leave this unhealthy situation behind: 

- Recharge your battery and overcome anxiety and stress: to rebuild your energy, to learn how to manage stress and anxiety, to increase your self-esteem, to improve interpersonal relationships and to regain relaxation.

Of course, it will take commitment and some courage, because we will go deep. You're going to have to be very honest and to be able to really look in the mirror, but, in only 2 months, you will be free again.

So, let's start this journey to consciousness together.