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Mindfulness in pregnancy

During the period of pregnancy there are undoubtedly many changes that women and those next to them face: physical, hormonal, prospectal, economic, etc. changes. It is therefore not surprising that this, in addition to being a very beautiful moment, can also involve stress and anxiety that can interfere in the mother-newborn relationship and in the development of the child himself.

Recent studies (Gavin et al., 2005) show that 18% of mothers experience depressive episodes during pregnancy.

To make the most of this delicate passage, the effectiveness of mindfulness practice has already been proven (Warriner, Hunter and Dymond, 2016; Duncan et al., 2014; Vieten and Astin, 2008). Significant improvements in mood tone and a decrease in anxiety and stress were found in the post-childbirth period among women who had taken a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course in pregnancy. Practicing Mindfulness while waiting and after birth helps to be present during the intense, joyful and sometimes stressful weeks in which we begin to take care of our baby.

Mindfulness is a great tool, which can help you live this path to the fullest and increase confidence in your skills:

• enjoying the full joys of this experience;

• facing difficult moments and changes (pain of childbirth, stress, fears, etc.), with a loving and welcoming look towards yourself;

• improving communication, sense of connection and cooperation within the couple;