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Smart working & stress

"While you struggle to catch a glimpse of the timing of the new balance of work remotely and in presence, in many organizations the light of stress, the difficulty of setting limits and the difficulty of focusing is on."

According to a survey of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) involving 550 managers globally "66% of the interviewed managers talk about an increase in the overall level of stress and 81% struggle to set limits on working hours and to "disconnect", with a loss of well-being. But also a negative correlation on productivity."

"Managers who have participated in mindfulness practices, however, show on average an improvement of 10% in their emotions compared to the previous condition, 15% of psychological well-being and 18% of social well-being."

Developing self-awareness is as valuable as it is useful in balancing our work and private lives. Especially in this period of great stress. However, it is not a simple path, nor an automatic one. That's why I launched "Mindfulness@lunch", a free guided meditation designed for this very purpose.